Computers Performing Poorly: Possible Non-Hardware Causes And Solutions

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Why did my computer become so slow? is a question almost every regular owner of a desktop computer or a laptop computer will sooner or later ask. It may puzzle you how your computer used to be lightning fast and then suddenly, it is already performing poorly. Some people might relate this to a hardware problem and take their computers to a technician only to be told that nothing is wrong with the hardware.
This is because the slowing down of a computer’s performance is more often related to software and/or system problems. And most of the time, such problems can easily be fixed at home using simple and sometimes, dumb-proof solutions.
Crowded hard disk
Just because you have a sweet 500 GB hard disk capacity does not mean you can just fill it up until only a few megabytes or gigabytes are left. The more crowded you hard disk gets, the slower your computer will be. Opening files and retrieving date will be especially slower.
So what should you do? Do these simple steps: 1) empty your recycle bin (deleting a file does not remove it from your storage dude), 2) remove unnecessary files, 3) uninstall programs you do … Read the rest


Infertility Causes Reducing Baby Hopes

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Infertility is the biological inability of a man or a woman to actively participate in conception. Referring to the former, this can also entail the inability to successfully complete the pregnancy cycle, experiencing thus repeated miscarriages, which need to be coped with the right infertility treatment so as to increase chances of pregnancy. The causes of not getting pregnant can be numerous and also the factors influencing such cases, which can be either treated medically or via other means. The fertility period however for each woman is not identical, but normally takes place for a certain period before and during ovulation and being rather neutral the remaining days of the menstrual cycle.
One can speak of infertility, in simple terms, when a woman up to the age of 35 cannot get pregnant after 12 months of contraceptive-free intercourse. Post the age of 35, the aforementioned period is reduced to 6 months.
The causes or even better, health conditions, that can affect the pregnancy likelihood for a woman if getting pregnant, more or less intensely, are illustrated below:

Diabetes. It can have a negative effect to a certain portion of women, implying that for type 1 or 2 the menstrual cycle … Read the rest