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How To Design Your Own Fitness And Exercise Program

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When it comes to your overall health, nothing can derail it quicker than being even slightly overweight. The added weight puts added stress on your bones, which causes pain whenever you take a step. Before you know it, you are unconsciously walking differently in order to relieve some of that pain, which, in turn, causes a domino effect of muscle strain and unnecessary strain on your spine to compensate. All of this can be avoided by practicing a good fitness and exercise program. But how do you find one that works for you, and is enjoyable enough to keep doing?
Size Does Not Fit All
There are hundreds of volumes available today that tout a particular diet, fitness and exercise program. This is an ever growing market, and it may be that one of the reasons that there are so many is that not everyone finds that they work for them. To get the most out of any personal regimen, it has to speak to you on some desirable level and contain something within it to keep you motivated enough to stick to it. Why not cut to the chase and just create your own instead? That way, there should … Read the rest