Reasons to Quit Smoking for Eye Health

Doctors and health professionals around the globe, have the unanimous decision that smoking causes or links to dozens of harmful and life threatening health conditions. Somehow in a world of “no’s” to smoking, cigarettes still appear. Well if you needed even one more reason to kick the habit, we have one for you. Aside from the usual awareness of the dangers of smoking on the cardiovascular, respiratory systems, and cancer, cigarettes also have a negative impact on eye health. Need help with reasons to kick the habit? There are plenty, but here are just a few related to eye health.
Reason #1 – Smoking causes cell damage
Studies show that smoking narrows the blood vessels, reducing the blood supply to the eye and causing cell damage. Smoking declines the quantities of antioxidants, and other protections your eye needs to function properly. The aqueous humor (liquid) and the tissue adjoining the …