Do You Know About The Myths and Facts Surrounding Botox Injections?

After walking under the sun for many years, your skin gets weaker, and with repeated facial expressions, you will begin developing wrinkles, smile lines, and other facial flaws. The flaws will become more noticeable every time you frown, alongside the aging factor. Your safest way to eliminate such flaws is getting botox Alamo heights injection to smooth out your face and eliminate the new grooves. Botox injections weaken facial muscles to prevent them from creating wrinkles. As the treatment continues in fame, so do the myths. Therefore, read here to differentiate myths from facts.

Myth: Botox is Painful

Whether Botox is painful is subjective, meaning that while others may tolerate the injection, you might find it painful. However, your doctor recommends using anesthetic cream an hour before treatment to give you a numbing effect. Therefore, you will not experience any pain during your Botox procedure. Also, your doctor will use tiny needles that only cause minor discomfort. Otherwise, your doctor and the team will ensure you are comfortable throughout your treatment.

Myth: Botox Gives Immediate Results

After having a Botox injection, you will not have immediate results. Instead, your results will improve gradually over the following days after treatment. Your first changes will begin within four days after your treatment, and then you can wait until two weeks to see maximum results. Additionally, your Botox results can last up to four months.

Myth: Botox Gives a Frozen Look

One common lie about Botox injections is that you will have a ‘frozen’ and expressionless look. You can only obtain this look if you get an improper dosage or an injection from an unskilled doctor. Typically, you will get the injection from a trained professional who will inject the proper dosage to give you natural-looking results. Your doctor will target specific facial muscles and then inject them to prevent constricting, hindering your expression of emotions. No one will easily notice you went for a Botox injection because of the natural results.

Fact: Botox Prevents Forming of New Wrinkles

You can go for a Botox injection to smooth out existing wrinkles while preventing the formation of new ones. You can schedule regular Botox appointments to eliminate crow’s feet, smile lines, and wrinkles. Therefore, muscles responsible for causing wrinkles will stop moving so you can enjoy your youthful appearance. As you continue preventing the formation of new wrinkles, you will save money, as deeper wrinkles may cost more to treat.

Fact: Botox is a ‘Lunchtime’ Procedure

People may refer to this procedure as a ‘lunchtime’ because you can easily squeeze it into your lunch break. Also, treatment with Botox requires zero downtime. You will go in for a quick treatment and leave with no noticeable side effects. However, you will likely experience swelling, which you can reduce by applying an ice pack. The swelling will reduce within an hour after the cold pack.

Botox is an injectable treatment administered to your skin to temporarily reduce aging effects that cause facial flaws. The treatment is popular because of its known ability to improve the results of facial expressions and overall appearance. Botox easily smooths out wrinkles and fine lines without any downtime for recovery. You can return to your routine activities after a quick procedure without any visible effects on the people around you. Usually, you can schedule more than one treatment session to get maximum results from your injection.