Revealing Truths Behind Myths Concerning Egg Freezing

Pregnancy is one of the vital stages of human life. During this phase, the fetus develops in the uterus after the egg fuses with sperm. Pregnancy usually ushers in responsibilities, especially to new moms. However, not every woman out there is ready for these new responsibilities. They could have career and educational commitments necessitating delaying their pregnancy.

As a result, many women seek egg freezing Newport Beach to preserve their fertility for the future. Despite the popularity of egg freezing in modern days, people continue to misunderstand this process. Therefore, when scheduling an egg-free appointment, you should understand the truth behind the following myths.

Egg Freezing Is New

In recent days, egg freezing has been blooming in the market. This instance can convince you that this procedure is new. Nonetheless, the truth is that this treatment has been there for decades.

To many people, egg freezing became popular in 2005 after combining it with vitrification. This method allows faster cooling, which helps preserve the viability of eggs. Unlike before, egg freezing is no longer restricted to medical circumstances.

It Will Cause Early Menopause

Menopause is an inevitable phase of life for any reproductively viable woman. Once you hit menopause, your body will no longer release eggs. Since egg freezing involves egg harvesting, you may think it will trigger early menopause.

While egg freezing uses multiple eggs, it cannot make you run out of eggs. Usually, this procedure does not interfere with the quality of your eggs. Instead, it preserves viable eggs for future use, implying that it does not kick-start menopause.

Egg Freezing Is a Risky Process

Many people are concerned about the safety of egg freezing. They claim that this treatment is dangerous and will always hurt. The reality, however, is that this procedure is relatively painless and safe.

No research supports the claims that egg freezing causes congenital disabilities. It is worth noting that some patients may experience slight bloating and breast tenderness due to the medication used. Nevertheless, these effects are temporary and will recede within a few days.

Egg Freezing Is for Single People

The high number of single women seeking this treatment due to career ambition can make you think this treatment is for single people. However, this thought is far from reality. Individuals in marriages and long-term relationships can also benefit from egg freezing.

Couples whose female partners struggle with endometriosis may want their eggs preserved. Other partners will want to hold off on extending a family. They will achieve these dreams through egg freezing.

Egg Freezing Is Time-Consuming

The decision on whether you want to freeze your eggs can be overwhelming. At this point, you are concerned that you will take medications for a longer time frame. If you anticipate egg freezing, there is nothing to worry about the procedure being time-consuming.

You will take medication within a short time, usually eight to eleven days. Moreover, egg retrieval will take around fifteen minutes while under anesthesia. Therefore, you will need only one to two days off from your normal activities.

In the modern days, many women are turning to egg-freezing treatment. The motive is to preserve their fertility to continue with their life ambitions. Despite its widespread use recently, many people still misunderstand egg freezing. Therefore, when seeking this procedure, being cautious about the information you encounter is good. The above-debunked myths will offer you a deeper insight into egg freezing. For instance, you will learn about the safety of this process.

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