Spinal Cord Stimulation For Improving Neck Pain

According to the BBC Science Focus, the average weight of an adult head is about 11 lbs. About seven vertebrae in the neck support your head, and about 20 muscles support the movement of your head in different motions and help keep your weight in place. Because the neck is a delicate structure supporting the head’s weight, it is prone to injuries and conditions that may cause Dallas neck pain. The National Institutes of Health has established that 50%-80% of Americans with neck pain do not get complete relief within weeks.

Chronic neck pain can interfere with daily routines and activities, including sleep and work. Ignoring neck pain can also lead to medical problems such as severe arm pain, headaches, and depression. For instance, you will find it difficult to use your hands if you have severe arm pain.

One popular minimally invasive treatment your neck pain specialist may recommend is spinal cord stimulation. The procedure is often recommended once conservative treatments such as over-the-counter pain medications, exercising, and RICE therapy do not provide adequate relief against debilitating neck pain.

Causes of neck pain that spinal cord stimulation can treat

Your neck pain doctor will subject you to diagnostic tests and physical examinations to unearth the underlying cause of the pain affecting your neck.

Then, depending on the cause of neck pain, your doctor will decide on the right treatment plan.

Some common causes of neck pain that spinal cord stimulation can provide relief against include failed back surgery syndrome, artery disease, complex regional pain syndrome, and nerve damage.

For instance, a failed back or neck syndrome is chronic pain and discomfort resulting from a surgical procedure on your neck or back. The debilitating pain is not minimized or eliminated.

How spinal cord stimulation works to alleviate neck pain

Before you can understand how spinal cord stimulation operates, it is also essential that you are familiar with the normal functioning mechanism of your nervous system.

The nervous system uses small cells called neurons to convey chemical signals or messengers through the spinal column to the nerves throughout your body.

After many decades of clinical research, researchers discovered that exposing neurons to electrical waves or impulses can interrupt the sending of chemical signals, including those that send pain signals before they reach the brain. As a result, it is possible to alleviate pain affecting part of the spinal cord, including the neck.

Your surgeon will implant a spinal cord stimulator next to your spinal column and neck. When switched on, the device generates controlled electrical pulses and thus disrupts the normal ability of the brain to process chemical messengers that convey pain.

Temporary and permanent spinal cord stimulation

Before permanently implanting the spinal cord stimulator, your doctor will subject you to the treatment for a few weeks of trial.

If you and your health provide notice that you can receive significant neck pain relief, you will be required to go for another visit for your doctor to implant the spinal cord stimulator permanently.

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