What Causes Ear Infections and How To Get It Treated in Garland, Texas?

Ear infections can affect anyone and are common in infants and children. It occurs when viruses or bacteria get trapped inside the inner ear. Over time, the trapped germs develop into an ear infection, which causes pain and inflammation. 

Where to get ear infection treated in Garland, TX?

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Causes of ear infections

Ear infection occur when fluid with bacteria or viruses infiltrates into your ears. These germs can come from other illnesses as well like from water that you bathe or swim in that might cause congestion and swelling in the respiratory passage and throat. This is why symptoms of ear infection can be seen in 2-7 days after an upper respiratory infection.

Symptoms of ear infections

Kids suffering from ear infections would often have itchy ears. They will pull at their ears, cry, have a fever, and become very fussy. 

Different types of ear infections and symptoms occur since the fluid and germs can get stuck in either the inner, outer, or middle part of the ear. 

Some common symptoms of ear infections are:

  • Pain in the ear
  • Fluid from the ear
  • Difficulty in sleeping and hearing
  • Loss of balance
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever

Your healthcare provider in Garland will do a physical exam, examine your throat, and nasal passage, and check for ear fluid with a pneumatic otoscope.

How are ear infection treated?

Treatment of ear infection depends on various factors which include age and general health. Health practitioners in Garland advise over-the-counter painkillers and oral ear drops for treating ear infections with mild symptoms and slight fever.

However, your health provider in Garland prescribes antibiotics for severe ear infections with high temperature and fluid draining out of the ear. It kills harmful bacteria and reduces pain and swelling.

Ear infections are considered chronic if they last for more than three months and are not treated. This can cause hearing loss and imbalance. Kids with chronic ear infections can affect their speech and walking. Hence, ear infection in kids should not be ignored and you must visit a good health practitioner in Garland.

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