Why Should You Consider Interventional Pain Management?

Back pain, neck pain, or joint pain are common conditions affecting many people’s quality of life. Pain can be devastating, especially if ignored, as it can advance to a chronic condition. Cases of untreated back pain can even amount to disabilities. However, Naples Regenerative Institute can help you manage and overcome any pain that may affect your typical life. With proper medical care and guidance from a pain management specialist, you can live a pain-free life.

Although many people rely on opioids to manage pain, this only does more harm to their health. This is usually because opioids are addictive and dangerous and come along with various side effects. Let’s examine why you should consider interventional pain management treatments.

They address your pain from the source

While there are numerous pain medications, not all address your pain from the root cause. However, interventional pain management treatments work by targeting the source of your pain to provide you with complete relief. Also, oral medications alter your entire body, including the brain, while interventional pain treatments like epidural injections target the source of the pain.

Less reliance on opioids

Currently, the number of people under opioid prescription around the globe is increasing, which means more severe side effects. Overusing these pain medications can be life-threatening. Therefore, building an integrated pain management program is essential to alleviate life quality, function, and productivity and avoid severe consequences of opioid overuse. Supervised treatments by a pain management specialist will provide you with relief that will minimize your reliance on opioid medications.

Long-lasting pain management

Individuals who suffer chronic pain want quick relief and a long-term solution to managing their pain. Unlike narcotic pain relievers that only last for a short time, advanced interventional pain management treatments can help you attain uninterrupted pain relief for months or years.

Minimally and non-invasive treatment options

Most interventional pain treatments are minimally invasive, meaning they have few after-effects. Typically, these treatments are administered to your body through injections or needles and thus require an outpatient procedure. This means there will be reduced hospital stay, no infections, minimal postoperative pain, and minimal blood loss during your treatment.

Safe treatments with fewer side effects

Pain pills may be tempting, especially when you feel persistent pain. However, the pills are accompanied by many adverse side effects like dizziness, sleepiness, nausea, vomiting, and dry mouth. On the other hand, interventional pain treatments are safe and showcase fewer side effects than invasive procedures like surgery. Therefore, you can use these pain treatments for years to control your chronic pain without suffering any negative effects or health problems.

Rapid pain relief

If you seek safe and effective ways to manage chronic pain, interventional pain treatments are your ideal solution. The less invasive procedures treat neurological and orthopedic conditions and yield quick results. For instance, epidural steroid injections can address your lower and upper back pain and neck pain so you can experience positive outcomes within a few days.

While many conditions can lead you to chronic pain, you should avoid using opioids as your short-term relief option. Instead, it would be best if you considered talking to a pain management specialist for diagnosis and treatment options to improve your condition. Also, if you’ve been suffering from pain and are addicted to oral pills, a pain management specialist can help you overcome it safely.