8 Tips to Handle Downsides of Pregnancy

Every man knows and accepts that the only time a woman has a free ticket to “complain” is when she’s pregnant.
It’s a total mystery, how women are able to withstand the aches and pains and strange physical changes that occur when conception takes place.
I’d like to share possible tips to help you as you experience this bombardment of discomforts as this alien (that would be your baby) takes over.
Vaginal Discharge-: a vaginal discharge during pregnancy is normal, it should be white, mucous like and clear without odour. But when it turns white and pasty and itches, that would be an infection. Please see your doctor.
Painful Pee-: when it hurts to pee, if it burns and is excruciatingly slow, you might have an infection. So don’t pass go, don’t collect two hundred dollars, please go straight to your doctor.
Shooting pains in your vagina-: This can be more uncomfortable rather than painful. It shouldn’t last long, don’t be alarmed its pressure on your nerves, just walk it off.
Achy ribs-: from the 7th to the 9th month,women complain of aches around the uterus has enlarged by this stage, you see, and is touching your ribs. What you can do is stretch your arms high above your head, it should relieve the pressure a little.
Bad dreams-: awful dreams of loss, death, hard labour and delivery sometimes come as your due date approaches especially with your first pregnancy. If you are a woman of faith, pray. If not, talk to your partner or your mum and sisters, what you need is comfort and reassurance.
Insomnia;-: trouble sleeping? Get ride of coffee and frequent cups of tea, a few exercises and a warm bath just before you sleep should wear you out and make you comfortable enough to sleep deeply. If you still can’t sleep, then use the small lamp beside your bed and read a good book till you fall asleep.
Morning sickness-:This can be triggered by taste, smell, it varies from woman to woman, it can come at any time of the day. Crackers and tea beside your bed in the morning should halt the sickness. During the day eat small portions of food but frequently. If it gets worse and your body weight drops please see your doctor.
Heartburn and constipation-: the hormones cause digestion to take place slowly. Fibre helps reduce constipation, avoid spicy food,don’t sleep flat on your back, lie down on your side.
No woman will have all these issues to contend with, but if you do or you know anyone who does have them all then… I know a good priest.