A Beginners Guide to Cosmetic Packaging

Makeup enthusiasts will tell you it’s not just about the product but it’s a form of creativity, expression, and strength. The same can be said about the packaging and labeling of the product. The devil is in the details when it comes to these small and alluring packages. According to Zion Market Research, the global cosmetic market is expected to rise to $863 billion by 2023. It’s a fast-paced industry with lots of competition and customers want to experience high-quality brands. For those new in the game, it’s a tall order but it doesn’t mean you can’t play in the field with the giants.

Today we’ll look at the dos of packaging of your cosmetic products to help you stand out from the pack and attract your ideal customer. But before we get into the details, keep in mind that you need to have properly identified your brand personality and customer. Knowing your ideal demographic helps you come up with design packaging that will capture their attention.

Eco-friendly packaging

With cosmetic products, the packaging has to be attractive as well as capable of protecting the product. You don’t want your products arriving at their destination when damaged as this affects your reputation. Also, some cosmetic products react negatively to UV light so they need to be packaged in dark cosmetic bottles. Consider going for cosmetic bottles made of reusable and eco-friendly material. Consumers are now conscious of their individual waste and the environment at large.

Create a recognizable design

Your packaging is the first thing customers see why not make it a memorable one. Keep things consistent across all your beauty products, it’s the way customers will identify your brand. As you’re designing, remember to follow all the state claims and guidelines. You’ll have to include some details like product name, content, ingredients, physical location, warning statements, among other requirements. You don’t want to fight a regulatory action against you by the state. All your work will be fruitless.

Personalized designs

When you get personal with your customers, they know you care. Get their name or have a sweet message or a handwritten note to say thanks. They might share it with their friends or social media giving your brand free marketing. Win-win!

Include the essentials

You may concentrate too much on the packaging that you forget all other things accompanying your product. For instance, you’ll need to give your customers invoices and delivery notes. You can easily overlook the design and branding of these documents. Remember you’re maintaining consistency across the board.