Build Muscles at Home With These Tips

Muscle building could be done in the comfort of your own home. There could be a couple of reasons that you don’t want to go to a gym. You might run a tight schedule and don’t have much time. It might be that you just can’t afford the high cost of gym membership. Whatever your reason, it is possible to build good quality muscles without going to the gym.
First, you have to decide what level of resistance training you want to do. Do you want to train with or without weights? I will recommend that you train with some free weights. You will get faster muscle building results. You can buy a couple of dumb bells, a bar bell and a bench to start with. You can even make them by yourself!
Next, get a good home study bodybuilding manual. There are several good ones that you can buy online. This will set you on a proper course and you will avoid the time wasting that comes with trial and error methods. There are also courses on the internet that you can subscribe to.
These courses will teach you the basics of muscle building. You will learn how to effectively use your body-weight and free weights to train and increase the size of your muscles. Proper form and the best way to exercise to avoid injuries will also be explained to you.
Basic training will involve exercises for the major muscle groups in your body. Some of these exercises are:
Push ups and bench and shoulder presses:
These exercises help to train your chest, shoulder and upper arm muscles. They can be done in different ways to get the best results.
Arm curls and extensions
These train your triceps and biceps and also give some workout to your lower arms. You can do arm training with either the dumb bell or barbell.
Squats are the most important exercises for building lower body muscle. Your quadriceps is the largest muscles in your body. Effectively training this muscle will help to trigger faster muscle growth in other parts of your body.
Pull ups and bent over rows
These are great for upper body workout, especially for back muscles. Back muscle training is what gives the “V” shape that muscular guys have.
Crunches and Sit Ups:
Crunches and sit ups are a must if you want to build a strong midsection. They help to build your abs muscles and bring out the six packs.