Getting Back To the Basics Of Health/Wellness

I will bet you can’t turn on your television for more than five minutes before you see an ad for the latest and great fitness routine or product you can buy to take your fitness to the next level. There are so many programs, products and gadgets out there, that it’s enough to make your head spin. You have something that is insane, another one you do for 90 days, and yet another that combines a bunch of things into cross training and getting fit in a big warehouse of sorts! Well it’s all fine and these marketing machines do work. However, I sometimes have to sit back and observe this event that takes place between the consumer and the supplier, where you take some basic routines that have been here since the beginning of time, package it up, call it something fancy and create the frenzy behind it and, BOOM, you have a product, some people who want it and someone laughing all the way to the back!
Today I am simply want to share what I observe between commercialism and the consumer, but I do offer my advice that you can use to IMPROVE your life for the better so all is not a waste of time! Let’s continue this conversation.
You know what I am talking about and you probably have fallen victim to this marketing monster yourself. We all probably have some product we saw on TV and after watching the infomercial, we felt this product would IMPROVE our lives for the better. Only to find out that it worked great for the first 30 days then it ended up in the closet somewhere or being used as a closet for your clothes! Been there done that- but now I know better! So here is my question. What ever happened to the basics?
I guess I am just a bit old fashioned, and believe if you stick to the basics of health and wellness and develop good habits that you can keep for the rest of your life, it will help you live a long and healthy life and your body will thank you for it later in life! Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these extreme programs if that is what you like to do. If that is you, then more power to you. However, I can’t help but to think how long will one be able to keep up such heavy demands on the body!
For example, did you know that skipping rope for 10 minutes, even at a moderate pace can be equivalent to jogging 30 minutes at a moderate pace? Most people see the nice fancy, shiny object in front of them and opt to try it out much like a child is easily distracted by the next toy that makes noise or has flashing lights! We have all been there.
My fear is that these fad workouts, programs, pills and potions will fade like the tides of the sea and we will be left with the good old fashioned basics of health and wellness that never left us in the first place! Now you can always change things up with your routines by adding a few things here and there or taking some things out, but at the end of the day, nothing will work for you if you don’t work for it!
As I bring this plane in for a landing, allow me to share some tips that will help you start your own path to becoming a well rounded healthy person.

Stay hydrated – our body is made of mostly water, and we can solve most of our problems by getting the proper amount of daily H20.
Commit to staying active – I don’t care if it’s walking, running, or one of my favorites, jumping rope, we have to keep it moving in order to stay healthy.
Stick to the more wholesome foods – foods like bean, legumes, and brown rice can keep you fuller longer and supply the body with fiber as well. Be sure to use plenty of spices too for some anti-oxidant protection and better taste.
Resistance training – lifting weight or using your body weight are great ways to fight bone disease and keep the body looking good!
Stay positive – there are people who seem happy with bringing you down. I would encourage you to keep them at a distance and concentrate on those who add value to your life and lift you up instead of bring you down!

Well there you have it, and thank you for allowing me to vent a bit and share some tips with you that will help IMPROVE your life for the better! Feel free to share with your friends!