How To Prevent Diabetes And Lead A Healthy Life

Diabetes is one of the most fast spreading disease all over the world and the medical world has still not been able to find a permanent cure for it. It is a condition characterized by increase in levels of blood sugar or glucose in the blood. Diabetes occurs when the pancreas are unable to produce sufficient insulin or if the body starts to stop responding to insulin which is essential for the absorption of glucose by the cells present in the blood. Although diabetes can be managed with some changes in lifestyle still it is better to adopt preventive measures so that we do not get diabetes at all.
Start Exercising And Get Fit
People who workout regularly and indulge in physical activities are less likely to get diabetes. It is because a regular fitness regimen helps in maintaining a balanced Body Mass Index and at the same time also reduces the levels of blood sugar. Sensitivity towards insulin can also be increased through regular exercise. It has been found that resistance training and aerobics are effective in preventing diabetes.
Eat More Fibre Rich Foods
Fibre rich foods like bananas, apples, seeds, beans and nuts are helpful in preventing diabetes. They also help in losing weight by improving the functioning of the digestive system.
Reduce Sugar Intake
Foods which are high on processed sugars, fat and salt should be avoided usually junk food is very bad for health instead one should try to eat home cooked food which is more healthy and hygienic.
Quit Smoking
It has been found that people who smoke regularly are at a higher risk of suffering from diabetes and many other diseases as well. Hence quitting smoking can automatically protect you from a number of life threatening diseases.
Avoid Alcohol
Drinking too much alcohol can result in an increase weight and blood pressure thus putting pressure on the kidneys. Try to limit your alcohol intake to maximum 2 drinks a day if it is really necessary.
Eat A Balanced Diet
The best way to prevent a number of diseases is to eat a well balance diet which helps in keeping our bodily functions working at their optimal best.
Get Yourself Checked Frequently
Most people avoid going to doctors for regular checkups thinking they ar fit and fine but it is very important to get yourself thoroughly checked once in a while so that if there is any trace of any disease it can be stopped in its initial stages and does not become life threatening.
Diabetes is a dangerous life threatening disease and the way it is spreading it is indeed very important to take precautionary steps in order to avoid this disease.