Natural Relief From Migraine Headaches: Resolve Their Psychological Origin

In my work with people with chronic migraines, I have found a similar pattern that is consistent for all of them, and therefore I conclude that migraine headaches are caused by internal conflict. By internal conflict I mean that there is a battle going on inside the person with two or more major disputes seeming to attack each other.
The pattern for migraine headaches often begins in childhood. The child becomes conflicted in a major way and starts a pattern of inner conflict. This might result in headaches at a young age or they can develop later in adulthood. Either way, the childhood origin has to be resolved to resolve the headaches. Many people with severe health problems started the original cause in childhood, but other life events can begin the patterns just as well such a series of failures, divorce, difficult pregnancy, extreme stress, and so on. Severe migraines are often caused by multiple incidents and problems that accumulate and interconnect.
People who have migraines are often highly intelligent and complicated people. All of the people I have helped with migraines were highly intelligent and complex. Most of them had multiple problems and stresses. Some were abused as children, some had complicated pregnancies, some had severe hormone imbalances, some had major job stress and financial worries, and some had marital problems or divorce. All of them had deeply rooted inner conflict with at least two parts of themselves in dispute much of the time.
The kinds of conflicts that I have seen with people who get migraines are usually around conflicting values or beliefs. And these values or beliefs are often the biggest kind such as two very different beliefs about them. So, for example, a conflict between I am a good person versus I am a bad person. One person loved her mother very much, and started crying every time she talked about her mother who had died many years previous. But her mother was abusive to her as a child so the conflict around her mother was very deep and every time she thought about her mother she got a migraine. This person also had multiple other internal issues that she dealt with by being an alcoholic. One by one we dismantled all the pieces until she was well.
It is common for these internal complications to be accompanied by hormonal issues. Hormone imbalances can cause a myriad of mental, emotional and physical health problems. Fortunately the tools I use are successful at handling that. Some women resort to taking birth control pills to treat hormone imbalances but the results are often temporary and can also have unwanted physical side effects. The combination of hormone medication, combined with the medications that people take for migraines can put a strain on the body and can provide limited results.
Many people come to me as an alternative to medication. Some people are on medication that they want to stop and many come to me instead of taking medication. I never advise people about taking medication; that is a decision between them and their doctor. Whether someone comes to me instead of taking medication, or they reach the point when they can stop the medication, it is extremely gratifying to give them a successful result.
In order to resolve this problem most clients work with me weekly for several months. We start by creating an overall balance in all aspects of their life. Then we go on to creating a balance in their mental and emotional states, giving them tools to use on their own after they are done in their sessions with me. Then we resolve any limiting beliefs. This preliminary work creates a foundation that is stabilizing and helps the person to be in a good mental state for going deeper into the causes of their inner conflicts. That is the stage where we work quickly to resolve any childhood causes. We work directly on the inner conflicts and resolve those as well. At that point we have cleared the causes and can create from there. This is when we employ advanced tools that utilize the power of the mind for physical health changes. This same sequence is used for any serious physical or mental health problem that clients come to me for.
The first time I helped someone experiencing migraines I muddled along and figured out how to help them. When I was helping the third person I noticed the pattern that was similar to the first two. I observed very carefully as I helped that person to identify the consistent patterns. Everyone is unique – and migraine headaches appear to have a lot of similar causes. Now I work with clients who have migraines with confidence that I know how to help them and my theories consistently prove correct. Each person has huge, complicated inner conflict.
Fortunately, I have the tools to resolve these inner conflicts as well as the other complicated combinations of issues and problems that people bring to me for help. The type of work I do is called Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. With NLP we understand how the mind functions. We understand the inner communication of the mind, and we know how to communicate with the mind. We can direct the mind and work with the mind to resolve problems, to heal negative memories, and to create a mind and body connection that influences physical health. These are powerful tools and also very safe because the mind will only respond to healthy instructions that are best for the person. This approach is similar to hypnosis except that the person is wide awake and instead of me directing them in a deep trance they are awake and directing me, giving me feedback, and reporting to me how their mind is responding to the instructions. The client stays in control the entire time while their mind directs me as a guide to their healing. The mind responds very favorably to any suggestions and tools that offer health and healing.
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