Neck Pain Prevention Tips

Who hasn’t in their lifetime woken up with a stiff neck? The literal pain in the neck can be overwhelming since it is among the parts that make the most movements. The pain is usually due to strain or damage to the soft tissues, including ligaments, muscles, and tendons around the neck, also referred to as the cervical spine. The main causes of Flowood neck pain include poor posture, physical strain, mental stress, herniated disc, pinched nerve, and health conditions like tumors, spinal stenosis, and osteoarthritis, to name a few. These culprits are mostly manageable, which can help you avoid or manage neck pain. Among the practical neck pain prevention measures includes:

Develop an ergonomic workstation

Is your workstation comfortable and efficient? In the modern setting, where more people are working at home, the workstation is among the main neck pain risk factors. Are you continually looking down, considering the computer screen’s position? This is a poor posture that is likely going to strain your neck and cause pain.

An ergonomic works station is friendly for your overall spine health. You maintain an aligned posture that does not increase back and neck pain risk. As for the neck, you need a desk that positions the screen high enough that your gaze is on the top third of the monitor. You won’t have to keep looking down and straining your neck, lowering the chances of pain and stiffness.

Besides the workstation, you also need to consider your mobile devices use. Tech or text neck is a common problem resulting from the long hours spent looking downward at gadgets’ screens. This injures the neck’s ligaments, discs, and joints. Hold your phone at eye level, try to limit screen time, or take regular breaks.

Revise your habits

  • How often do you exercise? Adopting an active lifestyle can lower the chances since you get to strengthen the bones and muscles and improve blood flow. You also limit the chances of injuries and improve your core strength and back muscles which helps support and improve your posture.
  • Do you ensure you are well hydrated? Hydration is critical, especially for your discs’ well-being. The discs are mainly water, meaning dehydration can impact their effectiveness in cushioning your spine and movements. This could even result in disc herniation, causing considerable neck and back pain.
  • Are you a smoker? Tobacco is a leading cause of many health issues, and the habit could be behind your neck pain battles. Tobacco impacts blood flow and can speed up the cervical disc dry-out process, increasing neck pain risks.

Revisiting your lifestyle and modifying certain habits can significantly lower or help manage neck pain problems.

Your sleep

Waking up with a stiff neck can be the worst experience to start your day off. You can avoid this by trying out different pillows to support and maintain the natural curve of the neck. Also, try sleeping on your back more; it is better for your overall spine health.

Manage underlying health issues

Neck pain could be caused or aggravated by health issues like osteoarthritis. Keeping such conditions in check is critical as you strive to maintain a pain-free lifestyle. This may include diet measures, taking prescription medication, and using supportive items like braces, among others.

Neck pain should not be overlooked, literal or figuratively. It can worsen and significantly impact the quality of your life. It could also be a tell signifying other developing issues. Visit Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic today for more on neck pain, diagnosis, treatment, and interventions.