Oncologists Serve as Primary Healthcare Providers

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Cancer is a disease that everyone wishes not to have, but you, or a loved one, may be among the 1.8 million people diagnosed with cancer this year.  Knowing your medical history, and that of your family, can help determine if you have risk factors for the disease.  If you get a cancer diagnosis from your current healthcare provider, you will be recommended to an oncologist who will manage your care throughout your cancer journey.  An oncologist is one who specializes in diagnosing and treating cancer.  They assume the role as your primary healthcare provider to coordinate and manage your treatment.

Your oncologist will confirm your original diagnosis, order lab work and tests to support the diagnosis, and design a treatment plan that is individualized for your specific needs.  Many people with a cancer diagnosis often want to seek the assistance of a doctor in other locations, but all oncologists have the same qualifications, and experience, to treat and manage the various types of cancers according to their specialty.  Whether you are on the East Coast or West Coast, like oncologist Orange County-based experts, you will be given optimum care. You will get to know your oncologist and feel confident that you are in the most competent hands for your cancer treatment.

An oncologist can be a physician or a surgeon.  Many cancers require surgery, and some are treated with either chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or immunotherapy.  You may be required to see the oncologist for up to five to seven years for treatment to ensure that the cancer does not return.  They keep checking on all aspects of your recovery.  Cancer is caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in one or more parts of the body, and the oncologist will keep testing until you test cancer-free.