Top Tips for Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is essential to avoid more serious tooth issues, suffering, and costly procedures in the future. If preventative dental care is a regular part of your routine, maintaining that routine is simple. This piece covers some of the basic preventative dentistry Upper East Side measures you may take to protect your teeth from problems, including cavities, chips, cracks, stains, gum disease, and more.

Daily flossing

Regarding preventative dentistry, flossing once daily is one of the simplest and most effective habits you can adopt. Plaque, germs, and food particles may get trapped between teeth and beneath the gum line if you don’t floss. It serves as a defense against tooth decay and gum disease.

It is a good idea to floss before bed instead of just after. You can easily remove the flossing residue with your toothbrush’s assistance after brushing. If you floss before bed and then brush, you may rest certain that your teeth are as clean as they can be and that no bacteria has time to settle in while you sleep.

Brush regularly

It may seem apparent, but cleaning your teeth twice daily is the greatest way to maintain healthy teeth and gums. The bristles of an adult’s toothbrush should be somewhat stiff. Heads that are both smaller and rounder are preferable because they provide greater access to tight spaces. Ideally, it would help if you brushed your teeth twice a day, before bed and after lunch

Use fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride is prevalent in the environment and may prevent, slow, or even reverse the onset of tooth decay. It lessens the plaque bacteria’s acid production, protecting tooth enamel from erosion. Using fluoride toothpaste twice a day is sufficient for most individuals. During the last thirty years, the prevalence of cavities has decreased. This trend is often attributed to the widespread use of fluoride (which accounts for over 95% of all toothpaste sales in industrialized countries).

Schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings

Regular trips to the dentist for cleanings and checkups are a must. During these checkups, your dentist will clean your teeth, including the areas below the gum line, of any tartar and plaque, and check for signs of cavities or gum disease.

Take care while brushing your teeth

So you are brushing and flossing frequently, which is fantastic, but you can do more damage than good to your gums if you are not careful. It may contribute to the deterioration of gum tissue. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a light touch, and apply the same caution while flossing.

Reduce your use of sugary foods and beverages

Do you remember your parents warning you that eating too much sugar may cause tooth decay? They were correct. Cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth thrive on sugar. Limiting your sugary foods and drinks is best if you want to keep your teeth healthy.

These preventative dental recommendations can help you get and keep that gleaming grin. Make an appointment at Madison Dental Spa immediately if you have not had your teeth cleaned in a while, get jaw pain while chewing, or need dental care.