What do you need to take a legal paternity test?

Because paternity tests can be purchased on the Internet today, some people make the mistake of thinking that the results of these tests can be used in lawsuits. Only the results of a legal paternity test can be used in any type of legal proceeding. A crucial factor in determining whether a test is legal or not is in the way the samples are taken. With an at-home test, the samples are taken by you and the entire process is done privately at home. In the case of a legal paternity test, the samples must be taken by accredited personnel authorized to do so. In addition, samples can only be taken in authorized and accredited establishments such as clinics, hospitals, mobile collection units, etc.

Why do samples have to be monitored for a test to be legal?

When you perform a test at home, the people participating in the test agreed to do so. The results will be useful only to them. When you want to use the results in a lawsuit, a third party is required to perform the legal paternity test to validate that the entire process was done correctly and according to the law. Fraud attempts have been discovered where the man who participates does not provide his sample but someone else’s so that the result is negative.  Another situation that prevents a legal paternity test is that the mother performs tests without the proper authorization of the possible father. Or in worse cases, she provides samples from the actual father, but claims that the samples are from another man. It sounds unbelievable but it has happened.

Can I buy a legal paternity test on the Internet?

It is possible that some scammers will try to make some easy money by offering these types of tests on the Internet and argue that they are totally valid. They are not. You will lose money and time if you buy them. In order for the results of a legal paternity test to be used in a lawsuit, the samples must be taken by certified personnel and within certified DNA sample collection facilities. It also requires verifying the identity of each participant, taking photographs, and completing documentation to validate that each participant is taking the test voluntarily. To take a legal paternity test you can schedule the date, time and location using the Internet. This and receiving the results are the only two things you can do on the Internet for this type of test.