Your Fitness Goal Has Been Reached, Now What?

Over the past couple weeks since I have been spreading the news of my involvement with Team Beach Body. One question has been asked more then any other. “I reached my goal(s) and then I fell back into my old rut and lose everything I gained! I’m frustrated, what do I need to do to make me happy?” When I first heard these stories, I was confused. If you reached your goals, then continue doing what got you there. Seems like the simple answer, but it is not the case.
After talking to numerous people this past week, they talked about things such as boredom, lack of support, weak nutritional habits (no accountability) and time commitment. These are just a few reasons for their down fall. At the end of the day like I told many of them, they are making excuses of not breaking their old habits. On a positive side there are ways to keep the momentum going once you have reached your original goal(s).
1) BE PROACTIVE: This is something my Dad told me when I was very young. Know where you are going before you get there. Look at new goals that you might want to achieve. One new goal might be a new workout program just to relieve the boredom from the previous program. Have the program ready to use a week prior to finishing your original program, so you can review and understand your new work before starting it. A must do, is set new short and long term goals! I was shocked what was hearing, that many of them never thought of making new goals. Take the time to write out what else you might want to achieve. Really the list can be endless if you are pro-active!
2) FIND POSITIVE SUPPORT: During the conversations, I found out most of the goals were to lose weight. To their credit most reached their goals on their own with no or very little support. Many talked about their personal struggles not having anyone to open up to through good and down times. They felted mentally fatigued. You need to find someone who you can trust, respect and to listen and give advice. This person can help you keep you on track and you transition from one goal to the next. They should keep you accountable for the actions and decisions you make. For example, the WOWY Super Gym would be one tool people can use to have a buddy system, or find a coach/trainer (I can help you for Free) who can help you guide your way with their experience.
3) LIFE STYLE: Its an interesting society we live in. Many people do things for the short term, for the immediate result. Once that result has been achieved we fall back into the old habits. Soon we find out selves wallowing in our own self pity. This might be the biggest key to keeping your fitness moving forward. Its simple, if you want to be more fit its not a matter of making small or large sacrifices but the mentality which you are willing to make a life style change! This life style change includes nutrition, self talk, committed workout days and better sleep habits. They must understand their healthy live style becomes a part of who they, how they think and what they eat. They must be committed to their health long term!
I was impressed many of the people I talked with reached their original goal(s)! To keep consistent and motivated to make a true life style change, which can be stressful for many people. To relief some of the stress, positive self talk and finding someone who is supportive with your goals, are Key! It happened to me last night. It was late (9.30 pm) and I was tired and I said to my wife, “I am not going to do yoga tonight.” She said she would do it with me, even after her 40 minute swim that morning. How can I say no to her when she has already worked out. So off we went to our workout room to do Tony Horton’s Fountain of Youth yoga. It was a great workout! Thanks Hun for supporting my new healthy life style!